University WordPress Procedures

Site Publication

After a University WordPress Site has been created by the Office of Communications, the WordPress Site requestor, by default, becomes the designated Site Publisher who is responsible for all content published on the WordPress Site. The Site Publisher will receive a link to an Administration Dashboard. Through the Dashboard’s Users panel, the Site Publisher may request access for other UNE-affiliated users who possess valid UNE email addresses, such as current student lab assistants or other employees. These individuals who are granted access are “Site Editors,” and, as such, they have editing capabilities. However, the Site Publisher has full responsibility for the site content and for following the Guidelines and UNE Policies.

Responsibility for Content

The information and opinions expressed on WordPress Sites are those of individual authors and do not represent the views of UNE.  Though the Office of Communications is available for consultation, neither it nor the Information and Technology Services department at UNE will monitor University WordPress Sites, and neither office assumes responsibility for a WordPress Site’s content. While Site Editors have editing privileges, Site Publishers are ultimately responsible for creating and maintaining the content of their WordPress Sites, which includes, but is not limited  to, copy, photographs, imagery, and other media assets.

Copyright Policies

Use of the WordPress Sites is governed by these Guidelines as well as UNE Policies, including its Copyright Policy, and Copyright Guidelines. Site Publishers of WordPress Sites are also expected to adhere to local, state, and federal laws.

Content Restrictions

Site Publishers agree not to post content that:

  1. Violates federal, state, or local law or any applicable University Policy (those pertaining to libelous content or child pornography);
  2. Contains content or any information that is confidential or protected by law (including FERPA and HIPAA);
  3. Contains content that constitutes a threat of violence or a threat to public safety;
  4. Constitutes spam or disruptively repetitive content;
  5. Contains content that violates copyright laws; or
  6. Contains content that is not relevant to the site publisher’s work at UNE

Content Update Frequency

Any WordPress Site’s Blog or News section must be updated every month, at least once per month. General content must be reviewed and refreshed every six (6) months. 

Any website that is not updated within this time frame will be deactivated. Site Publishers will be notified prior to deactivation. This policy is to ensure that digital properties representing UNE are up-to-date and accurate. 

Confidential Information and Education Records

Per the University’s Student Records and Administrative Policy and the Faculty Handbook, WordPress Sites may not disclose confidential information, education records, or personally identifiable information.


The WordPress Sites have a University-branded WordPress theme. No custom themes will be permitted on

Responsibilities of Site Publisher

By publishing content on the WordPress Site, the Site Publisher agrees to abide by these Guidelines and is responsible for maintaining WordPress Site content consistent with Guidelines and all associated UNE Policies.

Site Publisher Obligations

Each Site Publisher is the author of the content posted.  However, by posting content on a WordPress Site, the Site Publisher gives UNE a non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, and publicly display the content for public relations and academic purposes.

Each Site Publisher agrees to use the WordPress Site in a professional manner and to act in accordance with the stated local, state, and federal laws, as well as the UNE Policies and Guidelines. 

Termination of Service

Voluntary Account Termination

Site Publishers may request at any time to terminate use of their University WordPress Site. In an effort to comply with this request, Site Publishers will be asked to provide the Office of Communications and Information Technology Services a written request to deactivate the website at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed deactivation date. Information Technology Services will maintain an archive copy of the deactivated website for a period of ninety (90) days from date of termination, at which time the website will be deleted. Requests for copies of deactivated site content will be considered by UNE Human Resources and/or Information Technology Services on a case-by-case basis.

Involuntary Account Termination

In accordance with the terms of these Guidelines and the UNE Policies associated with them, UNE reserves the right to remove pages and to disable WordPress Site access without notice, if these Guidelines and/or UNE Policies are violated. In the event that a Site Publisher fails to abide by the terms of these Guidelines and/or chooses to no longer require use of the WordPress Site, the WordPress Site will be disabled immediately.

Termination of Service Due to Change of Employment Status

Should the employment of a Site Publisher terminate, all user accounts associated with the WordPress Site will be disabled, and the WordPress Site will be deactivated. The Office of Communications and Information Technology Services will maintain an archive copy of the deactivated site for a period of ninety (90) days from date of termination at which time the site will be deleted. Requests for copies of deactivated WordPress Site content will be considered by UNE Human Resources and Information Technology Services on a case-by-case basis.

Actions in Response to Violation of the Guidelines or UNE Policies

The Office of Communications will periodically review the sites to ensure that there are no possible concerns about compliance with these Guidelines and UNE Policies. If a member of the UNE community is concerned that content published on a University WordPress Site violates these Guidelines or UNE Policies, the individual is encouraged to provide comments to the vice president for Communications. Prior to content being permanently removed from the WordPress Site, Site Publishers will be provided notice of UNE’s intent to remove the content and have the opportunity to appeal the removal.

Alternate Digital Platforms

UNE faculty and professional staff are encouraged to contact the Office of Communications to discuss alternative means of publishing scholarly research and academic interests through digital channels, such as DUNE and social media.