Personal Projects in the Makerspace

Lexi Guignard

Have you ever been to the Makerspace?

I discovered the Makerspace because I wanted to make a simple monitor stand to keep my screen at eye level. I planned on using the 3D printer, but the intended size to hold the monitor exceeded the size of the printer. To achieve the support I was looking for, I reworked the design to be made from wood panels cut with the laser cutter. The wooden monitor stand came out better than I expected, and one of my favorite things about the piece are the vines I was able to etch into the sides! My initial experience with the Makerspace was so rewarding and I fell more in love with the process of creating that they couldn’t get me to leave for the rest of the semester.

With the resources that the Makerspace has on hand, how could you not create something?

Green crochet frog and brown crochet frog with rainbow sitting in front of cardboard lantern cut with the laser cutter.
Green crochet frog and brown crochet frog with rainbow sitting in front of cardboard lantern cut with the laser cutter.

I crochet in my free time and the Makerspace has yarn I used to make a frog.

A small black 3D printed tugboat with a banner that reads "Learn 3D Printing".
“Friendly robot” prototype.

3D printing can take some time so this tiny tugboat is a perfect starting point.

A two headed tentacled creature made out of purple pom poms, pink pipe cleaners, and three googly eyes.
“Friendly robot” prototype.

You can do a lot with very simple materials like pom poms and pipe cleaners. And don’t forget the googly eyes!

two small square canvases with blue, yellow, green, and blue paint splattered on them to make abstract patterns
Small paintings designed with saran wrap.

Paint supplies are also available in the Makerspace; here are some quick crinkle art paintings using plastic wrap.

lineart of a lightbulb with a brain inside is etched into a piece of clear acrylic and is glowing.
Acrylic LED display.

The Makerspace had a workshop where students could etch a design on acrylic using the laser cutter and then learn to solder wires to LED strips!

a light blue pyramid with googly eyes, multicoloured buttons, and pipe cleaner arms and legs
“Friendly robot” prototype.

One of our prototyping exercises has you make a friendly robot. This craft is low stakes but encourages a lot of creativity.

The Makerspace has so many resources for students to learn, craft, and experiment. We’ve even had students come in to sew patches onto their jackets. The Makerspace hosts events that usually revolve around crafting, often in collaboration with different student organizations, such as the Art Club, Honeybee Club, and Ocean Club. 

Students are welcome to come into the Makerspace for small crafts and such. For students interested in starting a project with the Makerspace, you can come by during open hours or contact us at