Sea Change

Sunday, November 3rd at the UNE North building, the Planetary Health Council and Sustainable UNE held a pre-conference event for the Gulf of Maine 2050 International Symposium. Nationally renowned underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen and Assistant Professor of Marine Affairs and lawyer Susan Farady discussed the effects of climate change on Maine waters and the impact it has and will have in the foreseeable future. Executive Director of UNE North, Dr. Barry Costa-Pierce gave an overview of UNE North, the Institute for North Atlantic Studies, and the Professional Science Master’s in Ocean Food Systems. 

Farady talked about the impact that over-fishing has on natural ecosystems and how flaws in management have a great impact on wildlife. Ellenbogen presented a captivating slideshow of his own underwater images depicting how climate change impacts sea life. It encouraged a new perspective on how we view our oceans and its inhabitants. His slideshow included pictures of the effects of pollutants on animals such as plastic rings around the shells of sea turtles that we should remember to cut apart before disposing. It was an inspiring event and all the seats were full of students, faculty, and friends. There was a mashed potato bar and refreshments.  Overall, a very successful, informative and engaging event.

By Alaina Duchin

Cover Photo by Keith Ellenbogen