New! Glove Recycling in Marine Science Center

Exciting news just in time for Earth Month: the Girard Marine Science Center now has a program for recycling disposable gloves through TerraCycle! 

TerraCycle is a New Jersey-based company which distributes boxes to be filled with separated and designated waste and shipped back to the company, where their contents are broken down into recyclable materials and used to make new products. 

This initiative is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Marine and Environmental Programs, the Office of Sustainability, the Marine Graduate Student Association, and the Office of Research and Scholarship. SO MANY THANKS to the administration and faculty that helped launch this initiative and are working to make it a sustainable endeavor.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Teal lidded bins labeled for the recycling program have been placed in the GMSC teaching labs. Gloves placed in these bins must not be contaminated with any hazardous materials, so gloves used for sterile technique will likely make up the bulk of the building’s recyclable volume.
  • Please contact Aubrey Jane if you have a lab that generates a lot of “clean” glove waste as there are extra bins for these spaces as well. 
  • These can be emptied into the official TerraCycle box located in the Ocean Clusters hallway, which will be monitored by the Marine Graduate Student Association. 
  • Any questions or suggestions are welcomed and can be directed to Aubrey Jane at