Ryan and the RoboSeal: a student research project

How did you get started in the Makerspace? 

When I was a freshman, I was interested in being involved in a lab. I went to my marine biology teacher who referred me to a project focusing on seals. I got involved in creating a robotic seal, which is a tracking system that can be driven to a dock for the purpose of distinguishing seal pups. The RoboSeal allows for the observation of pups with their mother before interrupting them and tagging them but without their being touched. The Robo Seal color codes the seal pups to differentiate and distinguish them from each other. 

What’s been the most challenging aspect of the project? 

It was challenging having to understand different technology aspects and meet expectations but it has been an amazing experience.

How would you describe the Makerspace to other students?

It’s an interactive place to get involved – where everyone can experience whatever they desire doing and/or need to accomplish. It’s also an interdisciplinary place to go and just be creative. The Makerspace provides the opportunity for students to use their skills in collaboration with what they are passionate about.

“My favorite aspect of the Makerspace is that all the resources it has to offer is available for me to utilize.”