The research, co-authored by Arduizur Richie-Zavaleta, was published in the Journal of Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking: An Evaluation of Doctoral Occupational Therapy Students’ Awareness, Knowledge, Self-efficacy, and Future Training

Although there is limited empirical research that evaluates human trafficking (HT) knowledge base and self-efficacy among healthcare professionals and frontline personnel, there is no previous research that evaluates the awareness, knowledge, and self-efficacy of occupational therapists (OT). OTs, given their professional training and skills, have an important role in the holistic rehabilitation of trafficked persons. Therefore, this study assessed the awareness, knowledgeand self-efficacy, as well as perspectives for future academic training ideas in HT among doctoral OT students (N = 67) who represented two regions of the U.S. (Midwestern and Western). The data were collected through an online cross-sectional survey in June 2020.