ORS welcomes new employees!

Lilly Delgado – Animal Care Technician

Lilly Delgado has recently joined the University of New England team as an Animal Care Technician and is employing her hard work ethic in the primary Rodent Facilities. She holds a BS in Marine Biology from the University of New Hampshire and aspires to gain experience in fish hatcheries and travel the world. Lilly also has considerable experience with handling a variety of animal species from her years working in customer service for Petco, skills she is currently employing caring for the research colonies. Lilly’s enthusiastic attitude, bright energy, and attention to detail are a welcome addition to our team and we are excited to welcome her aboard.

Will Sampson – Zebrafish Care Technician

Will graduated from the University of Maine Farmington class of 2021 where he studied biology and assisted in characterizing a group of hormone receptors across fish evolution. This summer, Will worked as a visiting researcher at UNE studying drug exposure in zebrafish embryos. Having decided to stay at UNE, Will now works in animal care for the Zebrafish Education and Research Facility, or “ZERF”, here at UNE.”