The Aging Brain

“The Aging Brain: Combatting Dementia Worry” began as a talk started by Dr. Susan Wehry, AgingME’s Project Director. Dr. Wehry has presented the talk throughout this state of Maine over 15 times in 2023. This presentation on the aging brain talks through ways you can stay healthy, reduce risk, and live well with dementia. The talk also includes an overview on ‘dementia worry’ or the anxiety one might have about a dementia diagnosis.

At the Aging Brain section of our website, please review resources, like Dr. Wehry’s presentation slide deck and some of Dr. Wehry’s features on the Dementia Action Alliance’s Podcast: Professional Insights. At the bottom of the page, find a presentation by Dr. Wehry, called: The Brain and Age.

Thoughts & Talk of Suicide After Dementia Diagnosis with Dr. Susan Wehry

Anosognosis Diagnosis vs Denial Podcast with Dr. Susan Wehry

The Brain and Age Presentation 2023: McArthur Library