Tour Guide Tuesday: Becca

Our tour guides are amazing. Not only do they genuinely love sharing their UNE story, they also are actively involved in the campus community. They truly embody what it means to be a UNE student.

Every week, we highlight a new tour guide for #TourGuideTuesday. We give them a shoutout on Instagram, have a short Q&A with them in our stories and share a sneak peak into their life at UNE on our Snapchat.

This week, we showcased Becca, a senior Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies Major from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. From being a tour guide to leading the senior class and the Student Nursing Association, Becca is very involved in the UNE community. Continue reading to learn more about this wonderful student leader.

Why UNE?

I toured over 16 different schools with my mom and I started my sophomore year of high school. When I came to UNE’s campus, I saw the small community aspect and fell in love with the location. You really can’t beat having the beach and the river right here.

I also sat in on a class and I saw the professors really knew all the students. I knew I didn’t want to be a number in the classroom; I really wanted to get to know the professors and the community.

What’s your favorite thing to do on and off campus?

My favorite thing to do on campus other than participating in clubs is to attend the sporting events. My friends and I love to go to the hockey games as well as all the football games to cheer on UNE.

Off campus, I love exploring the local area. I live in Biddeford Pool now since I’m a senior, so I love going to the bird sanctuary and Fortune’s Rocks beach.

Let’s talk food. What’s the best place to eat on and off campus?

My favorite place to eat on campus is in the Forum Cafe. Their chicken sandwiches are really amazing. Off campus, I think my favorite place is in Portland… it’s called Taco Escobarr. Their guac and tacos are so good. It’s definitely worth a trip up to Portland.

Do you have any advice to high school students as they start applying to college?

My advice is to definitely go visit the colleges you’re interested in. When you step foot on the campus, you really can get the feeling of it and you can also see if you can fit in with the students. Also, when you come to visit campus, you get to interact with current students and ask them any of the tough questions you really want to know about.

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