Why You Should Attend An Accepted Students Day

As you near the end of your college search, now comes the fun part: attending the events for you and your future classmates to meet each other and start making plans for the upcoming year. And, if you’re still deciding which school is best for you, accepted students events can be especially helpful in helping you with your final decision. 

Most schools will hold some version of an accepted student day, and they are typically held during the spring semester. Accepted student days provide you with opportunities to get a feel for a college’s campus environment, meet current students, connect with professors, learn more about your housing options, and so much more. 

Curious about what happens during UNE’s New Nor’easters Accepted Student Days? Let’s dive in.

Why Attend?

Before we chat specifics about UNE’s accepted students events, let’s go over why these days are so important. Besides spending the day on our beautiful coastal campus, at accepted student days you can expect to: 

  • get a feel for campus life and school spirit, while getting to know current UNE students and your future classmates
  • learn more about your major through classroom experiences, lab simulations, and chats with professors
  • attend sessions for financial aid and student services
  • enjoy lunch and take home some free UNE swag!

If you decide UNE is the right school for you and you’ve submitted your enrollment deposit before or during one of our accepted students days, you’ll benefit from a “one stop shop” experience. Once you submit your deposit, you can select your residence hall and roommate preferences by completing your Housing and Dining Application and Contract. Members of our Office of Residential/Commuter Life will be available on campus if you have questions about the application or anything housing related.

You can also learn about and sign up for new student Orientation while you’re at accepted students days. It will feel great to cross those items off your to-do list and leave you to enjoy the rest of your senior year stress-free!

New Nor’easters Accepted Student Days

You may have already noticed that UNE holds not one, but three Accepted Student Days: one on our Portland Campus, and two on our Biddeford Campus. Here’s what you need to know:

New Nor’easters Accepted Student Day — Portland Campus: February 18, 2023

Our Portland Campus Accepted Student Day is held exclusively for Dental Hygiene, Nursing, and Pre-Pharmacy majors. This is because, as a UNE student in one of these programs of study, you will spend the first two years of your undergraduate career on our primary undergraduate Biddeford Campus and your final two years on our Portland Campus. In Portland, you’ll benefit from interprofessional lab and simulation experiences, clinical work, and internship opportunities — especially since you’ll be in close proximity to many renowned hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities.

During the Portland Campus Accepted Student Day, you will connect with professors and current students, tour your program’s labs and classrooms, and have the opportunity to meet with financial aid and student life teams to answer any questions.

New Nor’easters Accepted Student Day – Biddeford Campus: March 25 and April 1, 2023

Our Biddeford Campus Accepted Student Days are held for all majors. This is truly our most exciting program of the year for all accepted students! We have a great lineup of events that include classroom experiences, an academic and campus life fair (think clubs and extracurriculars, student support services, study abroad, and representatives from all our majors and minor programs, and more!), breakout sessions for financial aid and student services, lunch, student-guided tours, and fun activities to get to know your future classmates.

Our New Nor’easters Accepted Student Days on our Biddeford Campus are right around the corner, too! Sign up for March 25 here or April 1 here.

Portland vs. Biddeford

You may be wondering about the differences between our Accepted Student Day events, especially as a Dental Hygiene, Nursing, or Pre-Pharmacy major. We asked Pete Heeley, Director of Transfer Admissions, more about this: 

Our Portland Accepted Students Day will give you a feel for what your academic life will be like on the Portland Campus when you make the transition there during your junior year. Coming back for the Biddeford Accepted Students Day will complete the picture for you — you’ll meet more people and really start to feel the excitement of starting your college career and being part of the UNE community.” 

So, we recommend attending both events if you can! While our Portland Accepted Student Day will give you a clear idea of what you can expect from your program, our Biddeford Accepted Student Days will provide more of an authentic school spirit experience, give you more opportunities to learn about our student services, and connect you with more students.

See You On Campus!

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to your admissions counselor. We also have a great line-up of virtual events just for accepted students. You can watch the recordings and see what’s coming up here. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!